fonePaisa for Education

With fonePaisa, assists in curating the best payment mechanism for your business to facilitate teaching and promote mental growth for your students and customers.

Allow Recurring Payments On UPI With UPI AutoPay.

Automate Online Fee Collection

For quite some time fee collection has been a recurring challenge for schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Majority of parents and custodians have reported the periodic school fee payment experience rather harrowing.

fonePaisa is a one stop solution to simplify the fee collection by rendering parents and custodians an interactive hassle-free interface to execute payments.

Multi payment modes

fonePaisa offers its customers multifaceted payment options through its robust payment packages that incorporate all major national, international cards, wallets and UPI.

Smart features

Custom curated for cases like schools and colleges that receive recurring payments. Two of our features, ‘card saving’ and ‘auto-debit’, make online payments a breeze.

Ease of paying salary and making vendor payments

With fonePaisa, you can conveniently disburse multiple payments at the same time. Making payments to staff, service providers and vendors is as important as paying fees. fonePaisa collectively eases out all the creases.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Right from the ease of fonePaisa dashboard, make transfers to multiple bank accounts or split payments across multiple receivers.

Automatic Scheduler

Never again fault on making payments with the help of automatic schedulers for your important payouts, like salaries, rent and utility payments, etc.

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation

Easily eliminate the tedious manual effort of the traditional settlement process. Save time and money by automatically settling your accounts. Ranging from managing your fee and donation collection or keeping track of your payouts like salaries and expenses.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Using the detailed insights and real-time reports by fonePaisa, stay updated on paid and pending fees and make informed business decisions.

Reverse Failed Payments

If you encounter failed transactions, create and share easy-to-use payment links for the occasional instances.

Innovate & Monetize Online learning

Online learning and MOOCs are expanding towards new horizons. The global online education market is booming and the global online market for e-learning is set to reach new heights by 2023. Thus the necessity for a robust and dynamic online payments mechanism that can seamlessly and securely collect payments while boosting continuous learning.

Online Periodic Subscriptions

Energize online education by flexibly collecting periodic fees and payments through fonePaisa subscriptions.

Customize Billing Solutions

fonePaisa gives you leverage by providing billing solutions that are customized according to your business needs. Keeps you abreast of the accomplishment of your program by tracing unique subscription metrics from revenue earned to customer drop-offs.

Recommended Products For Education


fonePaisa provides customer subscription plans with customized cyclic transactions well enmeshed over multi payment modes through an interactive automated user-friendly platform

Smart Collect

Payments at scale through virtual accounts can be generated on customized demand with auto reconciliation features to accept NEFT, RTGS and IMPS transfers

Payment Links

Now receive payments at the click of a mouse button. Explore the feature of sharing payment links over varied chat apps like email, messenger, SMS, chatbox etc.

Give Your Growth New Horizons With fonePaisa Capital

The features of dynamic Lending and Instant Settlements, pave the way to enhance your growth and amplify working capital requirements manifolds.


fonePaisa Payment Gateway is a cash free payments solution in India. It allows businesses to accept, process and disburse payments with its product suite.

It facilitates access to multi modes of payment including credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI and popular wallets including _________________________.

The business banking branch of X brings dynamic efficacy and one stop solution to access all financial models. With X entrepreneurship can access fully-functional current accounts, supercharge their pay outs and automate payroll compliance.

Customised management of the marketplace, automation of bank transfers, collection of recurring payments, sharing of invoices with customers and availing working capital loans - all from a single interface. Expedite your business with fonePaisa Payment Gateway.


The X powered Current Account and VISA corporate credit card are provided by RBI licensed banks. Your X powered account is provided by our partner bank, in accordance with RBI regulations. X itself is not a bank and does not hold or claim to hold a banking license.