Flash Checkout

Ramp up your conversions with Flash Checkout

A thoughtfully designed checkout form. Can be added  to your website or app with just a single line of code.

NEW Now available in Hindi. 6 more Indian languages coming soon.  

Flash Checkout will boost your Business….Why?

Seamless integration

Punch in a few lines of code and you are set to go. Precise documentation and relevant code samples available at every step.

Functions Everywhere

Optimized for all devices and screen sizes. Makes paying quick, easy and secure for customers anywhere, anytime.

Availability of All payment options

Supports all payment options by default, including Credit cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Net banking, EMI, Wallets and PayLater.

Future Proof

A checkout that gets better with time. Explore the newest payment modes and features available automatically via Checkout.


One of the lightest payment SDKs around, both for Android and iOS. No extra baggage for your carefully sized apps.


fonePaisa payment gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. Your customers can relax feeling assured knowing that their payment information will be safe and secure.

Increase Sales by up to ₹_______with Hindi Checkout

Fonepaisa  payment gateway enables you to customize your checkout experience for native Hindi speaking consumers.

With Hindi checkout, you can,

  • Boost your revenue by up to ₹_________
  • Reduce drop-offs and improve conversions by personalising the checkout experience
  • Cater to a plethora audience by negating communication barriers and simplifying the checkout experience

We are launching in ______ more regional languages soon.

*T&C apply

Industry leading conversion features:


Help your customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities choose the language they are well conversant in

Checkout rewards

Give the customers exciting rewards with every purchase.

Trusted Badge

Reduce drop-offs and COD through Fonepaisa’s Trusted Badge.

A payment experience your customers will love

Painstakingly created package  of features which make your customer payments simple, secure and fast.

  • No redirects. Retain user focus on your product.
  • Better conversions than ever
  • No more messy app-switching
  • Customise UI as per your Brand

Compliant with high engineering standards!

Developer bandwidth is precious. We take care of the finer details, so you don’t have to.

  • Easy to integrate with minimal code
  • Auto-updates with the latest payment options
  • The lightest payment SDKs around
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant

How is Checkout great for your customers?

Fonepaisa Flash Checkout is one of the best online payment experiences for customers. It is a result of our fanatic focus and iteration over the years to understand how customers pay online. This great experience translates automatically into great conversions for you.

Benefits for your customers

No Redirects

Start and end payments on the same page without redirecting to third-party pages. Everything is handled in a popup on top of your website.

Customisable UI

Make the Flash Checkout an extension of your website. Use your brand colours and logo to maintain your ideal customer experience.

Retry Payments

Flash Checkout retains payments data during the entire payment session. Convert manual errors and network failures into revenue with 1-click retry.

Offers & Discounts

Run offers and promotions for popular cards or wallet providers using Offers API. Offers will show up automatically on checkout.

Built for Performance

Flash Checkout is painstakingly curated to deliver best in the industry success rates and lowest latency on mobile networks.


A Personalised Payment Experience for Every User

Flash Checkout studies every customers’ payment behaviour and identifies their preferred payment methods in real time. By prompting the user to use those methods, we help process payments by upto 2x faster and in much fewer clicks. Merchants see upto ____% increase in conversion with Personalisation.

11 million+ Saved Cards across Business

With over __________ saved cards across Flash Checkout , your new customers can still utilize their saved cards from Fonepaisa cash-free payment network and transact seamlessly by entering just CVV and 3D-Secure alone. We are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and store cards safely for maximum security. Your customers can easily add or delete your saved cards across Fonepaisa Flash Checkout. It's their data after all and they retain control over it.

Saved UPI IDs

Flash Checkout also gives you access to over 2 million saved UPI IDs. Your end customers can access them seamlessly across the Fonepaisa cash-free payment network.


Native OTP: Enter OTP Directly on Flash Checkout

Users enter OTP within the same payment screen, without leaving your app/website.

  • Works great on low internet speeds
  • Better success rates, Better experience
  • Zero redirect, No ugly bank pages
  • Support for all Major Banks and Rupay.

Support for all Major Banks and Rupay.

Run Offers at the Click of a Button

Run all your promotional offers via the fonePaisa payment gateway dashboard.

  • Create offers at the click of a button
  • Define the number of users who can avail offers
  • Run offers for specific banks, card networks and wallets

fonePaisa customers have seen a ________ jump in sales through offers.

 Pro Tip Use fonePaisa Offers to run ‘No Cost EMI’ schemes for your customers.