Speed right through your Payment Gateway

Time is money. Never waste time again on payments. Get paid instantly ,back in your bank account or Blockchain wallet. With our simple transparent pricing, your money reaches you in a heartbeat. 

Instant Settlements

Instantly get cash in hand as soon as accepting online payments with Instant Settlements anytime. 

With fonePaisa payment gateway you don’t need to wait long for your customer payments, to grow your business.

  • Supports all payment methods like credit card or net banking to get cash-like payments.
  • At fonePaisa, time is no bar. It works during non-banking hours, weekends and bank holidays too.
  • Quick transfers to a bank account, in less than 10 seconds.

Instant Settlements For Marketplaces

Using marketplaces for your business? Get your customer payments instantly with fonePaisa.

Same Day Settlements

Get your customer payments automatically, straight into your account every day. Automatically using same day settlements, fonePaisa settles all your customer payments multiple times a day. So, all your sales are virtually cash-like.

How to use it?

fonePaisa customers can start using Instant Settlements directly from the dashboard now with ease. 

Simple and Transparent Pricing

At clear pricing, instant and same day settlements are available to fonePaisa users. No hidden charges. Pricing is shown before using. Reports of payouts are available on the dashboard.

Instant Settlement API

API gives an edge to the businesses. Settle every transaction as it happens or you have the flexibility to do it according to your own rules with easy assimilation.

Speed up the customer journey

Settle your payments in times of bank holidays and during other criticalities.

Develop something different from your competitor