Hit the Payment Button to create, copy and collect

In five minutes, take on one time and subscription payments on your website. By adding a payment button to websites, thousands of NGOs, SMEs and freelancers are collecting payments. 

Welcoming The Powerful Payment

All over the country, business owners are using payment buttons to collect payments for multiple items with just one click. See how the payment button will look on your website.

Launching fonePaisa Subscriptions On Payment Buttons

With the same button, enabling customers to select either a subscription plan or a one-time payment. Experience our effortless billing system, making handling subscriptions a breeze at one click.

Payment Buttons Live In Action

Read on and discover how customers across industries are using Payment Buttons to save inherent cost and improve conversion.

Creating Feature Packed Websites

With an integrated checkout on your website, one time and securing payments can be collected.

No Integration Needed

Zero cost and effort spent on integrating a payment gateway.

Wide Compatibility

Using builder tool, add any button or feature on Wix, Godaddy, etc .

Mobile Browser Compatibility

Seamless payment experience on mobile browser.

International Payments

Smooth International payments from over 100 countries .

Powered By fonePaisa

Our logo and features will build trust among customers.

Easily Create Self-Customised Payment Button

Now creating your own Payment Button is easy. Follow the simple steps on the fonePaisa dashboard to easily customise a button on all major E-Commerce platforms.  

Using pre templates, customers can create buttons or add features in under less than a minute. Some of them are:

In less than five minutes, collect donations, fees, online payments and more with fonePaisa.

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