• Fully digital current account
  • Automate all payables.
  • Streamline and track spends with Corporate Cards
  • Glance through financial insights

Our products

Pre planning is key and being prepared is everything. This platform offers hosted Event Registration to speedily register event attendees online and send automated receipts. 

Efficiency oriented; save time and money

Automate all payments and let your business reach a new soaring high

  • Seamless payments to vendors, employees and customers 
  • Vendor Payments: automatic invoice payments and pay taxes in a click
  • Payroll: swift calculation and scheduling salary and speedily fulfil payments


Streamline and Scale

Roll out multiple payments with zero effort

  • Bulk Payouts with fonePaisa, simply upload a file and pay
  • Ease of adding the complete beneficiary list at once
  • With fonePaisa API automation, streamline money movement

Increase Control and Visibility

Quick generation of financial reports

  • With the ease of built-in search and filters view account statements with ease.
  • Glance through the financial insights real-time
  • Using Accounting Integrations by fonePaisa, experience effortless accounting

Efficient work, effortless results

fonePaisa cash-free payment gateway is built for individuals and teams 

  • As soon as you sign up, you get priority customer support 
  • Quick guided onboarding and easy set up
  • Efficient workflow for teams for collaborative work is possible from anywhere
  • Upcoming: mobile app for those on-the-go 

Cash flow management

With X corporate card use free credit for business expenses

  • For recurring and international payments, make use of a credit card approved for your business
  • Keeping up with your business turnover, the credit limit grows in tandem
  • With ease of use of X Corporate Credit Card, pay for promotions, subscriptions and other miscellaneous expenses.